We are the Offcomers

We write guides for wheels, for feet, for you.

Who are we?

The Offcomers are Janet Moss and Pete Martin. We are both keen hillwalkers and touring cyclists, with many years of exploring behind us. We also have some marvellous friends, colleagues and collaborators who lend a hand. Behind every great guidebook writer…

Why the Offcomers?

Traditionally, “Offcomers” is a name given to people who are not native to South Cumbria, but who come in “off the sands” (in the old days it was easier to travel across Morecambe Bay than come overland). We call ourselves the Offcomers because that describes what we are, and who the guides are for. If you were a native, you wouldn’t need a guide, would you?

What we do

We write comprehensive guides to help people plan and undertake journeys. We give you the information you need to get from A to B; help you plan your sleeping, eating and drinking; encourage you to explore; and make you think about what you will see on the way.  It’s about the journey, not the route.

We write guides and publish them ourselves, write them for others to publish, and write them for organisations who want quality products for their customers. If you'd like us to produce guides for you: get in touch!

Our guides

Our guides include proper maps, accurate information and comprehensive listings. They are designed to be practical and easy to use.

We have travelled the length of the routes (usually many times). We have checked every listing. But things change. That’s a fact of life. So we put together update sheets. If you want one, contact us and we’ll send you one out for the book you want.

But even better (for us): if you find something that’s missing or new or closed or different or wrong or that you think is really good… please let us know, so we can tell others about it.

The things they say

Reviews of Cycling the Hebridean Way, said things like: 

"...does all the usual things well... more than a route guide: it's a window into a unique corner of the UK." Duncan Dollimore, Cycle magazine

" A useful little guide... how I wish it had been available 10 years ago ...beautifully illustrated". Cameron McNeish, The Scots Magazine

" ...researched with both diligence and imagination...a brilliantly packaged book...detours to excite." Scottish Islands Explorer